Refund Policy

There are no guaranteed refunds once payment has been processed. If you decide to cancel your account with RankFox Web Design, you will retain access to your account until the end of the current billing period and will not be refunded for this period.

If you see a double charge or a charge that has not been authorized as per your service agreement, please open a support ticket through your dashboard. You can also contact your account manager who will open a support ticket on your behalf for our billing team to handle.

Should you need to reference your service agreement or your agreed-upon hourly rate, you can find it through your member dashboard under Account -> Terms.

Chargebacks/Payment Disputes

We have a zero-tolerance policy for chargebacks or payment disputes from payment platforms, credit card providers, banks, and other payment processors. In we receive a payment dispute, all RankFox Web Design services will automatically be terminated. This includes the cancellation of your RankFox Web Design account, billing profile, website backups, hosting, and any maintenance packages associated with your account, name, business name, or phone number on file.

If you have any billing questions, or believe you may have been charged incorrectly, please contact us directly through your member portal (Account -> Billing). We’ll be happy to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.