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$100 Setup Fee

(paid monthly)​

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$300 Setup Fee

(paid monthly)​

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$500 Setup Fee

(paid monthly)​

No Commitment

All Plans Include

All Plans Include


$100 Setup

(paid monthly)​

No Commitment

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$300 Setup

(paid monthly)​

No Commitment

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$500 Setup

(paid monthly)​

No Commitment

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Design & Development Hours Included:
Bandwidth Limit
SSL Certificate
Google Analytics Setup/Optimization
Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Professional Stock Images
Monthly maintenance checklist
Faster Google Rankings
Faster Bing Rankings
Faster Yahoo Rankings
Competitor Analysis and Digital Strategy
50 hours 120 Hours 300 hours
15gb 30gb Unlimited
3 6 Unlimited
50 point 50 point 311 point
Standard Standard Premium
Design & Development Hours Included 50 hours 120 Hours 300 hours
Bandwidth Limit 15 gb 30gb Unlimited
SSL Certificate Xcrossicon-01 Check Check
Google Analytics Setup/Optimization Check Check Check
Content Delivery Network (CDN) Xcrossicon-01 Check Check
Professional Stock Images 3 6 Unlimited
Monthly maintenance checklist 50 point 50 point 311 point
Support Standard Standard Premium
Faster Google Rankings Xcrossicon-01 Check Check
Faster Bing Rankings Xcrossicon-01 Check Check
Faster Yahoo Rankings Xcrossicon-01 Check Check
Competitor Analysis and Digital Strategy Xcrossicon-01 Xcrossicon-01 Check

What makes RankFox different

What isn't included?

As a fully integrated design & development, SEO, and lead generation agency, we’re ultra focused on creating the best digital footprint for you. While we can offer comprehensive digital solutions, we don’t roll ongoing content updates or image updates into our monthly pricing.  

We are happy to help with updates that fall outside of our standard service, and charge the low fee of $75 an hour for our work.

We are happy to help with updates that fall outside of our basic service, and charge the low fee of $75 an hour for our work.

Frequently Asked Questions...

RankFox Web Design is a fully-integrated web design, development, and SEO company offering a variety of web and lead generation solutions to clients throughout the U.S. Our custom websites and affordable pricing plans extend the luxury of a fully custom site to those who may not want to put up thousands of dollars up front. We put skin in the game and offer your site completely free. 

We can help with:

  • Custom web redesign and development
  • Web hosting
  • Monthly strict website maintenance and security checks
  • On and off-site search engine optimization
  • Optimization for lead generation
  • Branding and logo updates 
  • Content development
  • Consulting
  • Graphic design

If you’re looking for something that isn’t listed, don’t hesitate to ask! 

Unfortunately, we do not work with startup companies, companies without an existing website, or companies without a presence in the U.S.

At RankFox Web Design, we are committed to being a true partner with your business. In order to live up to our high expectations, we must be selective when acquiring new clients.

Our qualifications are simple:

  • You MUST already have an existing website
  • Your business needs to have a presence within the United States
  • You cannot represent a product, company, service, or brand that promotes adult content, illegal activity, or violence (whether directly or indirectly)

We always retain the right to turn down a project, and will notify you if we decide to do so. 

The best way to see if we’ll be the right fit for you is to request a website mockup, free of charge! If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to schedule a call with one of our web development professionals. Click here to schedule your call now.

Well, we may be a little biased, but we think RankFox is the best choice for any business website redesign for many reasons:

  1. Your new website is FREE (not $5-22k)
  2. We’re totally reliable, offering 24/7 US-based support
  3. Web hosting, regular maintenance, and military-grade security are included
  4. We offer only custom design (your site will be one-of-a-kind, no templates or clones)
  5. We offer affordable rates for any size business
  6. We extensively test your new site for top-notch mobile functionality
  7. We do all the work for you! (no time or tech skills required)
  8. We are committed to helping you get more website visitors and increasing your visibility in Google.

But, if you’re still not convinced, Request a completely FREE mockup and see how your current website could benefit from a free redesign.

Yes, And we are proud of it! In order to keep overhead and costs down, many of our web designers work remotely. However, we are headquartered here in Arizona with US-based support and account management. 

Our most popular plan is the Essentials plan – almost 80% of our clients choose this option. While the basic plan is already pretty awesome, there are a few distinct advantages to the Essentials plan.

120 hours of design and development time come with our popular Essentials plan, compared to 50 for the basic plan. We invest more resources to improving the functionality, usability, and overall creative design of your new site, resulting in a vastly improved user experience for your customers and a better overall premium design. We’ll test every aspect of the site and optimize for lead generation, increasing the chances that your visitors will turn in to customers.

Free SSL certificate is included. This important security certificate tells Google and other search engines that your site is reputable and safe for users. If you have interest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or paid advertising like Adwords, an SSL certificate offers a huge performance boost and demonstrates to visitors that you are legitimate. 

30gb of bandwidth (compared to 15gb included in the basic plan).

6 professional stock images. We purchase only the highest quality stock images that completely match your brand. After all, the last thing you want to do is show the overused free stock images all the other businesses have. 

Content Delivery Network setup to ensure the fastest load times, so each of your high-quality images will appear in an instant. Unfortunately, a slow website negatively impacts your search engine rankings and frustrates potential customers, but you’ll never have to deal with that.

Reduced hourly rate for future work @ just $65/hour. Our price significantly cheaper than 98% of web design agencies in the US (and we will actually stay in contact!). If you want to add pages, apply a new marketing strategy, or update your business information, you can easily make work requests through your Member Dashboard or through your dedicated account manager. We’re always here to help with anything, but if you’d rather make some changes on your own, you’ll still enjoy complete access to your website as an admin through your WordPress dashboard. 

SEO Audit + Search Engine Advantage. Our basic plan includes standard technical SEO, but our Essentials plan supercharges these offerings. We’ll execute a comprehensive audit on every single detail of your site, vigorously optimizing so you’ll notice a faster improvement in your search engine rankings.

Competitive analysis on up to 3 of your top competitors. If you’ve ever wished that you had a magic 8 ball to assess how your competitors are performing and handling their businesses online, our in-depth competitive analysis is the next best thing! Gain insights on the tactics used by your competition and copy their tricks to grow your own business.

Consider the Essentials plan if…The Essentials plan is an optimal fit for small to medium sized, established businesses looking to take their companies to the next level online. If you have any questions about choosing the right plan, don’t hesitate to schedule a call with us. You can Click here to schedule a call.

While we feel our Basic and Essentials plans are fully loaded, we know that as your business grows, so do your website needs. We’ve developed the Enterprise plan specifically for medium to large sized companies, which includes premium features designed to take your website to another level.

The average RankFox Web Design Enterprise plan site redesign takes 300 hours of design and development time. If you hired a regular web design agency, this would put you back upwards of $15-22k. We’ll do it for FREE, because we are that confident that you will love our work and become a customer for life. 

Unlimited professional stock photos, no overused free pictures that show up everywhere online. We source professional and licensed photos that are a perfect reflection of your brand and mission. You’ll have full commercial rights to every image.

Heavily reduced hourly rate on future work ($65/hr). As an established business, you understand the importance of every update looking polished and professional. As you request site updates through your personal Member Dashboard, they’ll be executed by a professional who knows the ins and outs of your website. We can implement any new changes from full pages to new plugins or custom solutions.

Unlimited bandwidth, this is important when driving heavy traffic to your site so you don’t have to worry about it crumbling under the stress! Whether you have 10,000 visitors per month or 25,000, it’s no problem!

SEO Audit + Search Engine Advantage for the fastest Google, Yahoo, and Bing rankings we can offer. We’ll analyze each  detail of your site for ways to improve your organic reach, so you can drive more traffic to your site. 

Competitive analysis on up to 3 competitors. Keep constant tabs on best practices in your industry, and view the performance of your competitors. 

311-point monthly maintenance checklist. Our standard maintenance checklist includes 50 steps monthly in order to keep everything on your site safe and secure, with regular updates. With the Enterprise plan, we expand this detailed checklist to a whopping 311 steps, always searching for anything that will boost rankings, performance, or security.

Premium support + priority work requests. As a successful business owner, you understand by now the value of your time. In addition to around the clock access to our standard support team, you’ll also have access to your account manager via call/text. We aim to get issues resolved quickly and redesign projects moving as fast as possible.

Consider the Enterprise plan if… Our Enterprise plan is ideal for medium to large companies and brands that want to outshine the competition with a powerful web presence. Please reach out to one of our web professionals if you have any questions on what plan is right for you. Click here to schedule a call.

Billing starts only when your website is totally approved by you and live on the web. Your initial mockup is always free, and you’ll never be charged until you are 100% satisfied with both your redesigned site.

Once the site is approved by you, you’ll be charged the setup fee (according to which plan you’ve selected). We’ll continue to offer ongoing support for your website each month with continuous maintenance, optimization, and updates. We will charge you monthly by the rate specified in your plan.

Learn more by visiting the HOW IT WORKS page.

Absolutely not. We don’t offer ANY long-term contracts (unless required by your business).

Every RankFox Web Design contract is month-to-month. There are no early cancellation fees for leaving and no discounts for paying in advance.

We will work tirelessly to earn your business and confidence each month. We truly feel that if we’re not creating value for your business, you shouldn’t be paying us.

For more information, see “If I leave RankFox Web Design, who owns my website?”

There are two main components to running a business website:
  • Design & Development
  • Hosting & Maintenance

Most web design agencies charge you steep fees anywhere from $5-22k to create a completely custom website, then leave the time-consuming, tech-heavy maintenance to you and your team. RankFox Web Design offers an all-inclusive setup fee and charges a low monthly fee for hosting and maintenance.

Depending on your chosen plan, we’ll put 50-300 hours into creating your site redesign. This design and development work is provided free (minus a small setup fee for integrating your site with our systems).

This is, to be perfectly honest, a huge risk for us. We don’t require long-term contracts – if you leave after a month, we’ve put a lot of resources towards designing you a website (that we’ll never be fully paid for). But we’re so confident you’ll love our service that we’re willing to take on all the risk ourselves.

In short: we only make money if you value the work we do every month.

So no, the setup fee isn’t the cost of your website. Your website is much more valuable than that (and we’re giving it to you free). Consider it a show of confidence in us as we show confidence in you by investing time to design your site. We hope this is the start of a highly successful, long-term partnership. 

  • Free website redesign does not include setup fee charged after site is launched.
  • Ongoing website updates apply to content & images only (coding or functionality requests quoted separately). 
  • Routine Maintenance, hosting and security is included in all packages.
  • Additional professional stock photographs can be purchased at any time. You will own the rights.
  • If you need help with creating new content, you can order additional content pages at $100 per page (up to 500 words) at any time from within our member dashboard.
  • Unlimited design revisions apply to websites in the ‘website development phase’. The website development phase is considered completed 30 calendar days from the date of purchase unless extended by us.
  • Plugin installation and configuration times vary on complexity. There is no guarantee a plugin will be installed and/or configured within 24 – 48 hours.
  • Custom social media graphics are available as an add-on service.
  • Keyword research and setup is based on industry standards competitor analysis. There are no guarantees on the effectiveness of the words picked.
  • Payment gateway, Payment service provider & Merchant account fees still apply.
  • Custom payment gateway integration available for an additional fee.
  • Additional bandwidth and/or storage requirements require an upgraded or custom plan depending on demand.
    *See specific plan details for limitations and exclusions or contact us for more information.

30-Day free trial + zero-risk pricing

We believe in working hard every day to earn your business, so we don’t lock you into lengthy contracts to keep you around. All contracts are month-to-month – cancel anytime without penalties. And with our 30-day free trial, you’ll be confident you’ll love our service before you pay a dime.

Post-trial plans start at just $199/month, everything included.